Simplicity is Power

September 06, 2018

Simplicity is Power

Everywhere you look there is a news article, blog, or book on the art of simplicity. From Marie Kondo to Dominique Loreau, we are being reminded over and over that simplifying life gives us more power. Audrey Hepburn was famous for always traveling light, believing only a few clothing essentials were needed and that personal style should be paired down and easy. She owed a lot to another fashion innovator with the same theory—Coco Chanel. Chanel took women from complicated layers of dressing to the little black dress. What do women feel as we put on that little black dress? Power.

Simplicity doesn’t only apply to the legacy of fashion icons or to the bestsellers in bookstores. Constant consumerist messages in the media would have us believe that we always need more, More, MORE…of everything! We’re told that without those things, we aren’t important. So why do we buy into that? Why do we let advertisers and corporations take away our power and sense of self? The truth is more is just more. It’s not better, and it won’t make us happy.

So how do we get our lives back? How do we truly take charge and gain control of our own destiny? We get back to the basics, to the things that bring real happiness and fulfillment. A sense of safety is an important part of that equation. That is where The Defender watch comes into the picture. You don’t need a drawer full of smart watches and fitness watches. The Defender does it all. Make calls, count steps, and know that if you get into trouble you have the Guardian Network to protect you.

Simple. Powerful. The Defender smart safety watch. Think of it as the new little black dress…even if it is also available in white 