Where do I get the manual for my GB Defender?

You can download the manual from our website.

What is included in my Unlimited 4G cellular plan?

Unlimited Talk and data on your GB Defender smart watch. Monthly regulatory fees & sales tax included in the price.

Do you have a Family Plan?

Not at this time.

Does my GB Defender work if there is no cell signal?

No, unless your GB Defender is connected to Wifi.

Will my videos upload to my Guardian Network if there isn’t a cell signal?

No. However your videos will store on your GB Defender until a cell signal is detected. Then they will upload to your Guardian Network.

Do I pay monthly for my cellular contract?

Yes. You can also choose to pay for your 14 month contract upfront and receive one month free.

Can I travel with my GB Defender?

Yes. The GB Defender utilizes frequency bands: 850,1900, 2,4,3,4,5,7,12,13,17. Check the frequency bands of the country you are traveling to and see if they match with your watch. BUT, please know that when traveling overseas, your uploading speed will be slower and may compromise your SOS abilities.

What if my GB Defender isn’t working properly?

Please contact us at

Why does the battery need daily charging?

The GB Defender is a powerful smart watch. Streaming video and constant GPS tracking deplete a battery quickly. This is why we have included a portable battery, that can clip on to your keyring, to use as a quick battery charge.